The history of Argentinian Tango

Tango is a popular or folk art form originated in Argentina and Uruguay in the late 19th century.

Nowadays, this dance is a very well developed art that includes music, singing and dance.

The musical part of Tango had its golden era from 1935 until 1950 approximately.

And the dancing had it for the second time from around 1985 and keeps developing.

What makes tango special?

At its core, this dance symbolizes the connection between two persons. 

Looking from the outside, some might say that this connection is mainly a physical connection, but we already know that Tango dance is a lot more than a simple body-connection, it requires a emotional connection as well.

What is clear to everyone however, is that dancing Tango brings happiness to everyone: it’s just so fun to do it!

Why should I dance tango?

People dance tango for different reasons, but for many, dancing Tango symbolizes or represents a moment of relaxation and a break from the every day life (like most other hobbies). 

For others, it’s also a way of socializing, meeting friends, making new ones, etc. 

For singles, it’s also a great chance to find and connect with a person, form new relationships or even to find your future partner! 

For everyone, it’s simply a lot of fun to just dance Tango and to dive into all of its incredible choreographic richness, subtleties and possibilities.